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Our View: Serial promise-breaking erodes trust

Increasingly in Alexandria, it seems that promises are made to be broken. It’s particularly disturbing when this breach of trust comes from those we...

Our view: One cheer for council pay raise

City council’s unanimous vote at Saturday’s public hearing to minimally raise salaries for Alexandria’s mayor and members of council was a tiny step in...

Our View: March Madness gives way to electoral fever

Alexandria’s local elections are fun – at least for those on the sidelines watching. Our city’s Democratic primary campaigns tend to hold most of the...

What killer trees can teach us

If you read this weeks front page article on the overlooked, albeit rare threat of dead trees over our heads, you might be thinking its much ado about nothing.

OUR VIEW | Fiscal restraint on parade

Sometimes, though we look really hard, the silver lining just isnt present in a bad situation. Fortunately, most of the time something good does come from unfortunate events. The citys current budget deficit of more than $40 million is an example of the latter. 

OUR VIEW | Every day a holiday

Dr. Martin Luther  King Jr. has a national holiday named after him because of what he did to promote fundamental civil rights not just for African Americans but also for every human being in the country.

OUR VIEW | Perfect storm dumps on Alexandria

Civic engagement is the only way to put your mouth where your money is

Our View: Dont Be A Turkey, Buy Local

This week were basting you with a juicy way to aid Alexandrias economy before the Thanksgiving metaphors become irrelevant and nonsensical (too late?).