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Mayor to city: Were listening

This letter is in response to Mary Ann Sheltons letter to the editor regarding the pool hours at Charles Houston Recreation Center (A heat wave without a pool is just plain cruel, July 1, 2010). 

Hot time, summer in the city, citizen engagement lookin awfully pretty

At a time of frustration and fatigue among anyone paying attention to current events it is easy, therapeutic and sometimes correct to blame the government (or lack of government intervention) for the nations problems.

A front-page photo that made a splash

Please know how grateful I am for Austin Danforths front-page picture worth a thousand words that showed children staying cool in the pool of Charles Houston community center (July 8, 2010).

One way to beat the heat

Two-year-old Jane Bremberg keeps cool in the pool at Charles Houston Recreation Center on Wednesday afternoon, making the best of the days record-breaking heat.