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Letter to the Editor: Do we want lights on every field?

To the editor: If any taxpaying resident needed proof that they are nothing more than a cash cow to those ruling Alexandria, then simply savor...

Our View: September storms in Alexandria

Hurricane Florence’s menacing approach toward the coast in South and North Carolina is a reminder that we are never as in control as we...

Letter to the Editor: T.C. voter drive about engagement, not fraud

To the editor: I am writing in response to a letter in the Aug. 23 Alexandria Times, “Press has unique role in exposing wrongdoing,” primarily...

Letter to the Editor: Only dire circumstances justify promise-breaking

To the editor: I write in strong support of your editorial of Aug. 16, “Our View: Serial promise-breaking erodes trust.” If we cannot trust that...

Letter to the Editor: Press has unique role in exposing wrongdoing

To the editor: Your Aug. 16 editorial, “Serial promise-breaking erodes trust” does more to counter the “fake news” hyperbole than the Boston Globe-led editorializing campaign...

T.C. lights clash heads to court

By Missy Schrott | mschrott@alextimes.com As the battle of lights vs. no lights at the T.C. Williams High School football field rages on, neighbors opposed...

Our View: Serial promise-breaking erodes trust

Increasingly in Alexandria, it seems that promises are made to be broken. It’s particularly disturbing when this breach of trust comes from those we...
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