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City asks for public comment on draft of Vision Zero, traffic...

The city is asking for input on two in-the-works plans to reduce traffic fatalities and serious crashes. The public can comment through the city's website...

Letter to the editor: City council needs reform

To the editor: It is time to rein in the rampant disregard of the public trust by the Alexandria City Council. Congressman Don Beyer has just...

Our View: BID proposal is a good start, but issues remain

Traffic and Parking. Parking and traffic. These two interchangeable issues are the unstated crux of the problem with business prosperity in Old Town. A BID...

Back in theUSSR

Our infrastructure is crumbling into Third Worldville.

Stepping on the right toes

Kudos to Mark Mueller who, in a recent opinion piece (Old Town Gets Trampled, June 17, 2010), highlighted the congestion caused by tour bus traffic in the waterfront area, the lack of parking enforcement and the obvious lack of revenues generated by that traffic with local businesses. 

We can learn from European traffic planning

I started with trepedation, but ended up noticing many things that eventually made sense. Driving in Europe is like dancing; It takes confidence and quick moves to flow smoothly. 

Support the natural preserve and creative traffic solutions

Alexandrians need to insist on better alternatives that provide traffic relief and are acceptable to our community while also preserving Winkler Botanical Preserve

Federal grants nabbed for Beauregard, Route 1 work

Alexandria receives more than $9 million for traffic projects