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Your Views: AHS must do the right thing

To the editor: I am a neighbor of River Farm, one of George Washington’s farms purchased more than 260 years ago and currently owned by...

Your Views: Racism and housing

To the editor: I am writing in response to a letter in the Feb. 4 Alexandria Times, “False narrative on ADUs.” In this letter I...

Your Views: Kudos to Alexandria Health Department

To the editor: I’d like to compliment the Alexandria Health Department for exceptional planning and execution of the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to the...

Your Views: Overfunding Alexandria’s stream projects

To the editor: The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, the regulatory agency responsible for overseeing stream construction projects throughout the Commonwealth, no longer allows default...

Your Views: Short memory for what matters

To the editor: At the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality public hearing on Tuesday, to influence the State Water Control Board to grant or deny...

YOUR VIEW | No crying for criminals

I was amused by the article, "Unfair Word Choice Regarding Immigrants" (December 22, 2009). From the point of view of my ancestors, the Native American Indian, the word "immigrant" did not exist only "welcomed but unwanted visitors" exist. 

YOUR VIEW | Thanks for aiding health care, senators

In a year when Americans feel like they have had little to celebrate over the holiday season, at least we received one long-belated gift: a brightly wrapped health care bill.

YOUR VIEW | On civility and civil rights

Race and social pecking order based on all that appearance conveys is still a problem.

Thanks to some, snow cover doesnt halt senior aid

Doling out thanks for senior assistance during blizzard

Kudos to the plow drivers

Thanks deserved for those clearing city streets